Matcha Mint Rose Tallow & Beeswax Candle - Revival Phl
Matcha Mint Rose Tallow & Beeswax Candle - Revival Phl

Matcha Mint Rose Tallow & Beeswax Candle

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Antioxidants, chlorophyll, and vitamins galore make matcha a no brainer for not just sipping in a latte, but for slathering on your skin as well. Paired with spearmint essential oil with its enlivening respiratory qualities and ability to stimulate mental activity, this makes a fantastic choice for an AM scrub down before a busy day on the trading floor. Raw cocoa nibs add a sumptuous scrubbing aspect, all  coming together for a combo that might have you pining for a mint chocolate chip sundae instead of a martini after your lunch break at the cigar bar. Dried roses generously donated to us by local event planners post events.

The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker...we don't think there's a product on the market that comes closer to bringing these three together! What you breath IN is just as important as what you put ON your skin or IN your mouth. Tallow & beeswax burn clean, as do our standard Wooden Wicks (which come with the audible bonus of a relaxing crackle). Scented with essential oils & colored with plants & clays, our candles can safely be used for aromatherapy or massage. For best results, trim wick to ⅛” before burning & allow melt pool to extend to edges before extinguishing, especially on the initial burn. Never burn candle unattended, or on uneven or flammable surfaces.

*As always, made with the best dang skin loving, grass fed, local tallow we could find, and local, unadulterated beeswax

tallow, beeswax, essential oils (spearmint) rose absolute, matcha, spinach powder, rose petals

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