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Grapefruit Poppy Wintergreen Tallow Soap

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Hunter S Thompson fans will know of the writer's seemingly peculiar penchant for grapefruits, but I, for one, find it anything but bizarre. Aside from their outright juicy deliciousness and treasure troves of Vitamin C, grapefruits enjoy a host of other qualities, like being particularly adept at combating oily skin and acne, instilling a refreshing and stimulating olfactory feeling, as well as being beneficial in treating muscle stiffness and cramps. Poppy seeds have been recognized in Ayurvedic medicine for years, for their positive effects on eczema and inflammation. Their exfoliating and moisturizing properties are astoundingly above adequate. If you’re singing in the tub, take heed to not drop the soap when the White Rabbit peaks. Grapefruit peels passed on to us from friends at a bevy of local bars/restaurants helping these beauts live a very full life.

Full bar is approximately 4 oz

*As always, made with the best dang skin loving, grass fed, local tallow we can get our filthy paws on.

Saponified fats/oils (tallow, olive, coconut, castor), essential oils (pink grapefruit, wintergreen), vanilla absolute, rose kaolin clay, dried grapefruit peel, poppy seeds, honey


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