Black Pepper Berry Tallow Soap - Revival Phl

Black Pepper Berry Tallow Soap

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When you're in need of something to help you wash the blues away, this indigo packed powerhouse has got you covered. Spicy black pepper blends flawlessly and warms the spicy citrus bergamot, rounded out by a smooth and lovely vanilla, whose pods we grind down after infusing our oils, to add a luscious scrub a dub dub effect alongside the circulation boosting pepper.

Full bar is approximately 4 oz

*As always, made with the best dang skin loving, grass fed, local tallow we can get our filthy paws on.

Ingredients: Saponified fats/oils (tallow, olive, coconut, castor), essential oils (juniper berry, bergamot, black pepper), vanilla absolute, blueberry, blueberry seed oil, indigo, black pepper, honey


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